4 Obsolete SEO techniques you must avoid in 2020.

18 Obsolete SEO techniques you must avoid in 2021

When you’re doing your site’s SEO, you have to be careful. There’s perpetually been an honest deal of confusion within the field of search optimisation. Most of the data we tend to gain is by trial and error, and by the time we’ve got patterned one thing out the formula has already emotional on. So, predictably, a good share of SEO recommendation is speculative, contradictory, and dispiritedly superannuated.

Today, let’s verify a number of the ways that also persist despite being tested useless or perhaps outlaw by Google policies. a number of them aren’t any over a waste of your time, whereas others may very well land you a penalty.

18 Obsolete SEO techniques you must avoid in 2021

1.One keyword pages
2.Keyword Heavy Content
3.Page length
4.Meta keyword tag
5.Optimized Anchors
6.Content spinning
7.Spammy Guest Blogging
8.Building too many links too fast
9.Private Blog Networks
10.Bad links will hurt your rankings
11.SEO is just links, code, and content
12.Building too many links to your homepage
13.The higher your bounce rate, the lower your rankings
14.Web 2.0 backlinks
15.You shouldn’t buy links
16.Title tags and meta descriptions do matter
17.AMP conversion
18.E-A-T optimization

One keyword pages

Back once the algorithmic rule wasn’t thus advanced, even the slightest amendment of a quest question would manufacture a completely completely different assortment of search results. So, if you wished to achieve search visibility in any topic, you’d ought to produce a fervent page for every keyword variation inside this subject. Say, if you were mercantilism business laptops, you’d ought to produce completely different pages for business laptops, skilled laptops, workplace laptops, and laptops for work.

Keyword Heavy Content

Everyone is aware of that relevant and high-quality content will improve your site’s natural search traffic. However, hosting an excessive amount of of an honest factor on one page will cause sudden issues.

See however one on-line merchant additional various content to product pages, and created them the most-trafficked pages on its website — even once they were buried in search results for high-volume terms. conjointly see why the team suspects Google punished its pages, and the way it used long-tail keywords to assist survive the Google penalty.

Page length

Conventional knowledge says that you just shouldn’t build any page longer than one screenful of text, as a result of readers hate to scroll down. In fact, there is even a term for content that’s outside of that 1st screen—below the fold. Some designers believe that content that’s below that fold may in addition not exist for many readers. However, this opinion solely expresses a preference, not a truth or best observe of internet style.

Meta keyword tag

Meta is the information that tells about the content of any page.

While reading any page, it is not visible to the readers but the search engines can read it.

Because these are HTM codes, which are inserted in the head section of the page.

These meta tags give the search engines complete information about the content of the webpage.

With the help of these our website is displayed on SERP.

For example –
SEO Practices For A New Website In 2021

meta tittle & meta discription img.

Optimized Anchors

Anchor text is very important for our webpage, although all bloggers use it, but still some of them bloggers are unaware of it, so don, t worry we will tell you what is Anchor Text? When you see any clickable text in any webpages or click on it, we call it Anchor Text.
Anchor Text is very important for perfect SEO optimization of your website. Many people have read about it and seen it, but they are ignorant of what this anchor text is and why it would be so important for SEO optimization. When you read a post on any website, when you get some clickable text in the post. They are different from our regular texts. You can click on these text. When you click on that text, you will be redirected to another page or website. We call this text Anchor text.

Content spinning

In Content Spinning, we convert any Duplicate Content into Unique Content, but it is not a recommended way of writing content, if you write your own content then it would be better, so let’s know how to do Article Spinning / Content Spinning.

There is a website to Spin Article Spinbot.com | This is a very easy website where you can spin a copied content means you can make the copied content unique and always keep in mind that one should not spin by copying articles from the same website, but you can from different websites Spin by copying content.

Guest Blogging

“Guest Post in Hindi” What is a guest post? This is a technique that increases your ranking in the search engine of the website and makes the website page rank your website in Google, yahoo, like Search Engine! Guest Post This will send your website from another webpage through another anchor page via another anchor text link!

It helps in increasing the ranking and ranking of the guest post website, this is a technique for ranking the blog post pages of the coming website in the search engine.

Building too many links too fast

First of all, you no have to be compelled to worry albeit you build too several links too quick. You won’t be hit with the sphenisciform seabird or Google penalty, however ensure that your links ar of prime quality, authentic, relevant, and aren’t wealthy within the anchor text.

However, building too several links of poor quality or unsuitable may hurt your web site program ranking as expected. It conjointly depends on what number links you produce from a selected domain. If you build an oversized range of domains from a selected or single domain then it’s unnatural link building for program which could cause the penalty for your web site.

Furthermore, even once building links to your web site and you don’t see the sharp climb in search traffic. It merely suggests that either the links ar of caliber or your content is skinny. you’ll be able to add a lot of pages to your web site just in case these 2 things don’t seem to be arising. it’ll merely fix the problem and cause a lot of traffic. So, don’t get fret if you don’t notice a rise in traffic at once.

Let Maine clear one factor here is that albeit you build high-quality links to your web site it’ll take a minimum of 3 to 6 months for the results to begin manifestation.

Private Blog Networks

PBN is a network of many websites that are used to do link building for a single website so that it ranks in the search engines. It consists of many different websites, which all link to one central website. While these types of methods were commonly used a few years ago PBN cannot be called Black Hat SEO but it is also not White Hat SEO. These are gray hats, so we should avoid using them as it can damage website ranking. Apart from this, the use of this technique often leads to manual penalty. Some people use this technique to get maximum backlinks from high domain authority website without much effort.

Now you must be wondering how?

Buy an expire domain name that has already established a domain authorityAfter purchasing a lot of expired domains, they post content on every website and in every content, they create backlinks for their own website. By using this method, in time, high domain authorities get more and more backlinks from the website. Now you must be thinking that this is a great way to make backlinks easily? Is not it ?

Web 2.0 backlinks

If you want to rank your website in Google, then Web 2.0 is very useful for you, nowadays many people make backlinks with the help of Web 2.0, because the DA and PA of these websites.

A lot happens.

If you take a backlink from these websites then it will become a bit easier for you to rank in Google.
You have to make your website on these websites, and post content on it, the same website on which you want to take a backlink. Suppose you put some content on your website that is about new laptops, then for Web 2.0 submission you have to create many websites and all of them have to write the content related to the laptop and take a backlink from ther

AMP conversion

Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP is the bare-bone version of any website’s mobile pages. This application displays only those things which are most important in the pages of a website and it ignores other things that take time to load the website. In such a situation, mobile pages open very fast automatically. Which gives users more time to read the content of the website.

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